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Pre-Licensing 96 hours

$650.00 (includes textbook)

$  12.91 Shipping Fee



9405 Mill Brook Road, Louisville, KY 40223 

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Why choose Century Real Estate School?

We provide you with the principles of real estate coupled with the invaluable hands-on experience of our instructors and on-line partners who have been working and teaching in the real estate field for many, many years. You will not only learn the basics, but also the invaluable information of how these principles apply in the real world of real estate. We know these are rough economic times for many of you. Perhaps you have lost a job and are seeking a new career. We are doing our part to stimulate the economy by offering our pre-licensing course at a price that will help you begin a new career without breaking the bank.

OUR 96 HOURS PRE-LICENSING COURSE: $650 and includes the book "Passing the PSI Real Estate Exam"

You May Take Both The 60 Hour Online Course and The Law Sessions At The Same Time.

 You may Start With Either The Online Course or Law Sessions First.

This Way The Student Can Finish The 96 Hours As Their Schedule Allows.

Once The Course Has Been Started There Will Be No Refund. A Student Has One Year From The Date Of Enrollment To Finish. After The One Year If The Student Is Not Finished With The Course Then It Will Be Necessary For The Student To Enroll Again At The Full Tuition Fee

Also be sure to ask us about our pass the exam the first time money back guarantee program.

Our 60 HOUR on-line course,

Offered by REcampus, makes it perfect for people looking for the convenience of studying when and where they wish 24/7.

Our 36 Hour Law Session

We choose to offer Eight Law Sessions in a Classroom Setting.

The Law Sessions do not have to be taken in order. You may start at any session as each session is independent.

You will enjoy our small, informal classes. Many students like the invaluable hands-on instruction provided by the instructor in the classroom setting.

You will benefit from our instructional methods which have led to our high student success rate. So may times, students remark on how they like having part of the course in the classroom setting because if they have any questions from either the on-line or classroom courses, we are there to answer in person. They also save time by not having every session in a classroom setting!

We are a fully licensed and certified provider in the state of Kentucky for:

96 Hour Pre-Licensing Course 

Broker Management

Look around our site and familiarize yourself with our course offerings and information. Feel free to contact us with your questions.



Century Real Estate School
3010 Taylor Springs, Ste 200
Louisville, KY 40220
Phone: 502.905-8148
Lucy  Brooks