General Pre-License Course Information

Requirements for taking the Kentucky Real Estate State Exam:
  • you must be at least 18 years of age
  • you must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • complete the 96 hour pre-licensing course, student projects, School exam and the State exam (see below)
  • submit to an FBI criminal background check (see below)
Testing and Exams:
  • Upon Completion of the 96 hours Pre-Licensing Course (Principal and Law) you will take a school Final Exam. You must score at least a 75% passing grade. If you fail the exam you are allowed 2 retakes. If you fail the retake, Kentucky law requires you repeat the entire course and related exams before you may take the State exam.
  • Once you have successfully completed the school Final exam you may register to take the State exam for which you need a 75% passing grade. The cost for the State exam is $100.There are no limitations on the number of times to take the State Exam .

Timeline for Licensure:
  • Enroll in pre-licensing course and initiate process for criminal background check.
  • Complete the pre-licensing course and pass the School Pre-License Exam.
  • Take the State Licensing Exam.
  • Apply for your license. A license is not active until you affiliate with a brokerage firm. You have 60 days from the date of passing the State exam to affiliate or for a fee of $10 you may put your license in escrow until you are ready to activate it. You must have your criminal background check papers returned from the FBI in order to activate your license.
Criminal Background Check:
Student is made aware that a criminal background check will be required as specified by the Kentucky Real Estate Commission. Click on Background Check in the menu for complete information.

Student will receive instruction in Kentucky Real Estate Law (classroom only) and Real Estate Principles (classroom or on-line course). At the end of the course there is a final class exam.  All student projects (classroom course only) must be completed. A student who fails to pass the Kentucky Real Estate Exam is entitled to repeat the entire course, one time only, at no charge, no later than one year from the date of initial course completion.

Class Attendance:
All 96 hours of the course must be completed within one (1) year of the date of enrollment to receive a certificate of completion. In the event a class is missed, students have up to one (1) year from the original class start date to make up the missed hour(s) in another class session at no additional charge. After the one year expires, the student must re-register, meet current licensing requirements including tuition requirements.

Student Conduct:
You are required to abide by standard rules of good conduct during class instruction, participation, while on school property, or in any approved area being used by this school for instructional purposes. During class students are not allowed to use cell phones for any purpose other than to receive an emergency call.

ADA Compliance: 
We meet all standards for ADA and fire safety as required by the State of Kentucky in an annual inspection. 

What do I get at the end of the course?
After successful completion of the 96 required hours you receive your Certificate of Completion enabling you to take the Kentucky State Real Estate Exam

· Filing a Complaint with the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education

To file a complaint with the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education, each person filing must submit a completed “Form to File a Complaint” (PE-24) to the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education by mail to Capital Plaza Tower, Room 302, 500 Mero Street, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601. This form can be found on the website at .

· Student Protection Fund

KRS 165A.450 requires each school licensed by the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary to contribute to a Student Protection Fund which will be used to pay off debt incurred due to the closing of a school, discontinuance of a program, loss of license, or loss of accreditation by a school or program. To file a claim against the Student Protection Fund, each person filing must submit a completed “Form for Claims Against the Student Protection Fund”. This form can be found on the website at .