Requirements for obtaining a sales associate real estate license:

•     you must be at least 18 years of age
•     you must have a high school diploma or equivalent
•     complete the 96 hour Pre-licensing course, school exam and State exam
•     submit to an FBI criminal background check

Pre-license Real Estate Course : $650 for all 96 hours plus 

the book 'Passing the PSI Real Estate Exam'.  

The seventh edition of this best‐selling book offers the latest and most comprehensive information available to help students prepare for the PSI Real Estate Exam.

Based on the latest content outline, this text simulates the style, difficulty, and content of the PSI exam and offers more questions and answers than any other PSI exam prep book on the market. Including three practice salesperson exams, matching exercises in each chapter, and a self‐scoring tool to chart progress, this is the most comprehensive study guide for passing the PSI exam – the first time.

96 hour Pre-License Course is made up of 2 elements:

1. Classroom Course in Kentucky Real Estate Law (8 classes equivalent to 32 hours)

and 4 hours for student to take our final which gives you 36 hours in Law.

2. On-LIne Course in Real Estate Principles (equivalent to 60 hours of instruction)

3. 60 hours On-Line plus the 36 hours of classroom equals the 96 hours required.


You have 1 year to complete the course once you have registered.

Classroom Course
Kentucky Real Estate Law

On-Line Course
Real Estate Principles

• 8 in-classroom sessions and test

• choose which classes to attend as it fits your schedule

• start anytime once you have enrolled

• classes occur on a rotating schedule

• classes do not have to be taken in a specific order

Class Times: Law Sessions

See Class Calendar
Tues., Wed., Thurs  6pm-10pm

• study and review materials on-line 24/7 from your computer

• start anytime once you have begun the course

Why Online and Classroom?We have found that there are many students who do not like to sit in front of a computer online for long periods of time.  They prefer to be able to talk to an instructor or get clarification on a topic.  By having online and classroom, students that desire to, can take the online portion as quick as they want.  The classroom hours can be completed in as little as 2.5 weeks.  Since you can do online and classroom at the same time, this lets you complete your hours at the pace that is best for you.
 You may use the Portal Re-Campus Link  on the Registration for Courses page to pay for the course. You may pay by check or cash when you meet with Lucy
There are no refunds once you have started the courses.

Pre-License Course Exams:

•    Once you have successfully completed all of the required elements of the course you will       take a “review test” to help identify your comprehension of the material before you take the final school exam.

•    You must receive a grade of 75% to pass the school exam.

•    If you fail the school exam you may take one retake. If you fail the retake you must take the entire course again - this is a State regulation.

•    After passing the school exam you will receive a Certificate of Completion enabling you to take the State Exam for licensing.

•    You must meet a passing grade of 75% on the State Exam to receive your license.


The On-Line Course: additional information

•    Presented much like a Power Point presentation divided into units or chapters of study regarding real estate principles.

•    Allows the maximum flexibility for those with schedules that make it difficult to do a classroom setting.

•    Within each chapter there are quizzes and activities to test your comprehension of the material.

•    You must successfully pass all on-line tests associated with each chapter and a final on-line test before being granted completion of the on-line portion of the pre-licensing course.

•    You are allowed to review all materials at any time. You may also review the quizzes and tests.

•    Instructors will be able to monitor your progress and identify areas where you might need additional one-on-one help.

•    Should a student have problems accessing the on-line materials technical support is available on-line.

•    Should a student needs help regarding course matter they may contact the school administrator for assistance.

•    You are not required to purchase the textbook, Modern Real Estate Practice, when you enroll for the on-line course, but you might find it helpful to have it as it includes many additional quizzes to test comprehension of the matter.

•    An on-line store is available to purchase additional study aids should you wish to do so

Registering for the courses:  
Please go to the Register for Courses tab on the menu at left  to select a registration method that is convenient for you.